Sunday, July 10, 2005

EotMEoTE #8: Vietnamese-style omelette

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Inspired by cold rolls eaten at Au Lac, a fake-meat-vegetarian restaraunt (dont ask how I ended up there), I thought of making a Vietnamese-style omlette for this month's belated EotMEoTE and my even more belated entry.

I've only ever seen this made once on a travel show but it looked splendid. Prawns, chopped fresh red chilli and shallots are quick cooked in a wok, the egg is added and then take out, folded in two, and then eaten with sheafs of lettuce and piles of herbs - Vietnamese mint (rau rang or laksa leaf), Thai sweet basil, and mint.

Since I'm vegetarian I omitted the prawns, and since I don't have shallots I sprinkled chopped chives on the just-cooked omlette. Sprinkling chopped herbs and a smattering of dried chilli on the omlette, I chopped it up and served with rice paper to make rolls for token carb content :-) Well, I applied some, er, hot water to the rice paper, so it was heated(!)...And in substitute for prawns I used tofu as a substitute. Not Bad. Needs more herbs.

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