Friday, May 25, 2007

In Memoriam: Douglas Noel Adams, 1952-2001

Stuff and Nonsense observes International Towel Day, 2007.

There's still a DNA-shaped hole in the Multiverse.


Rage said...

Thanks for this, and the reminder.

flygirl said...

hey rage! good to see you. what ahev you been upt to, lately?

i'm a real sap when it comes to DNA (and...come to think of it, Jim Henson), I still feel as if it were only yesterday I heard of his passing.

but the real question is, as a properly fanatical fanatic intent on marking the celebration adequately, how do I get an officially branded h2g2 towel?

M's nemesis said...

Did you celebrate Towel Day on Friday?

Although I was quite ill I did manage to capture an image of that frood G and I, with thumbs stretched up to the skies towel around our necks in hope of hitching a ride on a nearby ship!

Hope you're well!

Info CPNS 2014 said...

nice moment :)