Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yet Another Year, But Slightly Wiser

What? Is it that time of year already?


Divya108 said...

having a thumbs up to toast the occassion Ups :)

much love

scientician said...

yes, yes it is. Happy boofday mate! Sending you a birthday hug from Canberra.

Serenity Later said...

whoa! A belated happy b'day to you flygirl! popular day by the looks of things, two people at work share your b'day, hence we had cake and bubbly to celebrate. hope you had a fab day too!!!

Geoffrey Kong 江貴為 said...

I also had some birthday cakes with a colleague on that day, without realising that it turned out to be a double occasion.

Alles gute zum Geburtstag! (Niemals zu spät!)

jfox said...

hey uppers, bappy belated hirthday dude!! dagnambit, no wonder the degraves wish huh? hope you had a good day ;D